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Mixed banners

  • 3 TwiFic banners
  • 1 X-Men banner
  • 1 HP banner

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Jackson Icons

I just had to. Jackson Rathbone in Troix Magazine. UNF.
20 Jackson Icons (or Icon Bases)
  • Credit for use/repost
  • Feel free to use as bases (comment/pm me if you're going to)
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More Banners! (part deux)

Yes, another post with more of my banners. I try not to overload a post with pictures so I separate them into parts.
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More Banners!

It's been awhile. I decided to post more of my banners. I have no idea when I made some of these.
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Congratulations Mentalward Contest Winners

Congratulations Winners!


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Thank you to all those who participated and all those who supported.

From the bottom of our black hearts, we love you!

-yanxxx, rparkerp, DurtyNelly, YellowGlue




Bella/Edward Calvin Klein ads

Since I am FAIL at making friendship manips (I tried making Bella/Alice ones, and I'll prob'ly try again when I'm bored), I decided to fuse my love of CK ads and my love of twilight. (heh:D)

I wanted to a manip entry that was not nc-14 but alas... I didn't make it..(yet).
because apparently I DON'T SUCK at making manips of half naked people and if you'll notice the less clothes they have on the better the manip. (lol)

as usual:
credit if reposted or used

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Twific Banners

Some of the banners I made
Some are recent, some are not. But I decided to post 'em anyway.
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Edward and Bella manips

Y'all know the deal:
*credit if reposted/used
*and if anyone uses it for something I'd be happy if you'd tell me. so comment me (cuz I still have a weird/confusing time sorting out pms and stuff)

enjoy! :D

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Angelic Bella

I had a really hard time with this one.
made a couple of mistakes that I didn't know how to undo but overall, I think I did well.
Lemme know what y'all think.

as usual:
*credit if reposted/used
*feel free to use as a base
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Bella Manips

Here's the dilly:
1. No stealing. Credit if reposted/used
2. Feel free to use as bases, again, credit. :D

These ain't perfect cuz I just started learning gimp, but I like 'em anyway. Hope you do too. :D

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